Here at Embrace Birthing we use the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme during all our classes.

Our Wise Hippo…
The Protector!

We like to think of our Wise Hippo as the protector of a woman’s right to have a positive birth experience, to be in control of her birth and ensure that she and her baby achieve the right birth on the day.

Course Duration

This is a 10 hour course which is split into 4 sessions.

Course Duration

The course can either be completed once a week for 4 weeks or as a 2 day intensive course depending on your requirements.

Our Classes

We like to offer a personalised learning experience.

Our Classes

We keep our class size small and limit our classes to 4 couples per course.

When Can I Start

It is suggested that you begin your classes from 20 weeks.

When Can I Start

Starting your course from 20 weeks will allow plenty of time to practice all the techniques that you’ll learn.

Its Never Too Late

If you’ve discovered hypnobirthing later in your pregnancy we are still here to help.

Its Never Too Late

We offer a two day intense course so make sure you get in touch.

Breakdown of our hypnobirthing classes

Class One

  • Explaining the relevance of the Hippopotamus
  • The Picture of Childbirth today
  • The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme materials
  • The Use of Self-Hypnosis in The Birthing Process
  • Acknowledging Pain
  • The Physiology of Birth and the Impact of Fear
  • Mind / Body connection
  • The Impact of Others
  • Taking charge of your thoughts

Class Two

  • Relaxation – the antidote to discomfort
  • What is Relaxation?
  • Positions for Relaxation
  • Remember to Breathe
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Eyes Open Hypnosis
  • Time Distortion
  • Anchoring
  • Birth Partners Script
  • Establishing a practice routine

Class Three

  • Prenatal bonding
  • Choosing where to have your baby
  • Choosing who will be with you when you have your baby
  • Alternative options for promoting comfort
  • Medical intervention
  • Natural nudges of encouragement for your baby
  • Interventions explained
  • Benefits of a natural birth
  • Writing your birth plan and making your birth choices
  • Physical preparations for birth
  • The mirror mantra
  • Fear release session

Class Four

  • Soothing strokes and the power of positive touch
  • Positions for birth
  • Ligaments and pelvis
  • Birthing your baby
  • Birth partner’s role
  • When baby arrives
  • Sea of Serenity – Birth Relaxation session
  • Benefits of a natural birth
  • Your practice and preparation diary