Our Birth and Course Stories

Here at Embrace Birthing we love to hear about your whole birthing experience, including what you took from the course and how you applied this to a positive birthing experience.

Just wanted to let you know how fantastic this course has been and to have had Carly as our instructor. She was always friendly, welcoming and very knowledgeable.

Me and my partner really enjoyed the course and learnt loads! We went from nervous unknowing parents to fully prepared and in control which is great. Carly gave me the tools that enable me to have confidence and I really feel I will have the right birth on the right day!

I can honestly say that I am looking forward to the birth of our daughter and I am so confident and prepared and its all thanks to Carly!

Thank you again 🙂

Claire Binks, 29 March 2016
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Can’t find the words to tell you how amazing the hypnobirthing experience has been for me and baby and even daddy!!

I first looked at hypnobirthing as a way of staying calm when in hospital as well as through my labor. As I have a fear of hospitals and also being on my own. When I found Carly and exchanged emails I was already feeling better about the whole thing because she was really friendly and helpful. When we met up this feeling was only made much clearer, she was even more friendly and kind and caring in person! During the classes we had time to chat about potential fears and worries and Carly reassured me and gave me tips on how to deal with certain things. And the hypnobirthing classes them self’s were amazing and me and my sceptical partner felt more and more calm and relaxed very week!

During my pregnancy I was there told I had high blood pressure and they were going to induce me and my idea of a water birth was out of the window. Becoming abit panicked I messaged Carly and she got back to me asap with advice and help and even told me what MP3’s to listen to to help me calm and it worked!!! Throughout the labor my partner kept me calm and kept reminding me of all the things I had learnt and I got through labor with gas and air and gave birth to a healthy 10lbs6 boy naturally.

I don’t think I could have done it without the help of Carly and the wizehippo program!

Thank you so much. And we will be back for a top up session when the next baby comes xxx

Deanna Sewell, 13 January 2017
My partner suggested using Embrace Birthing for the hypnobirthing experience as I was scared of giving birth to our first child. At first I was a bit sceptical due to the class being a one to one session and not knowing what happens throughout hypnobirthing. However, on arrival Carly was very friendly, down to earth and easy to talk to – which was important as I needed to feel comfortable to do the relaxation techniques.

Carly offered more than just teaching hypnobirthing, she offered support outside the classes, for example if I needed help with my relaxation techniques or when I needed help writing my birth plan as I had no idea! She is very accommodating with appointment times which suited me and my partner as we were both working and had our classes over the Christmas period which is a busy time for everyone.

As for my birth, thanks to Carly and her hypnobirthing classes I made it to 7cm dilated with no drugs and then from that point used gas and air only. I gave birth to a beautiful girl weighing 9Ib 02oz with no interventions.

I couldn’t recommend Carly enough, I would have not had the birth I did if it was not for her help.

Leah Gladrey, 18 February 2017
Me and my husband found hypnobirthing to be more rewarding than we thought possible it helped us to stay calm over the last couple of months when we attended a lot of antenatal appointments, not just on the day. When the big day came we ended up having a cesarean but the tools we learnt weren’t wasted. I used my breathing techniques in theatre which was a bit scary, so I remained calm and enjoyed the experience of meeting my baby boy!! Carly made the course easy and fun!
Thank you 🙂 x
Samantha Airey, 04 February 2017
I decided to do hypnobirthing after hearing horror stories from friends and family and being scared that I wouldn’t be able to cope. From the offset Carly was friendly and helpful and made me feel at ease as soon as I met her. The classes taught me great techniques to keep calm and relaxed and they were a chance to talk through my fears and anxieties. Carly was always quick to reassure me and I came away from the course knowing I could have a nice birth experience. Carly was always on hand to offer support outside of sessions if I had any questions too, which I thought was great.
Unfortunately I ended up having a cesarean as my baby was breech, but I was still able to use the breathing techniques to keep myself calm throughout the surgery, and beforehand!
I would recommend Carly to anyone. Thank you so much. I’ll definitely be back for a refresh when I have my next baby!
Sarah Sharples, 1st April 2017
The actual birth was miles away from the birth I had imagined but it was the right decision on the day to get her here safely.

So I’d had a couple of baths using bath bombs containing clary sage oil. Got out of one of these baths at 9.10pm on the Thurs and suddenly felt my waters break. Went to the birth centre to be assessed and all was good so they sent us home to labour naturally.

By midnight surges were taking a steady pattern and I was using my relaxations to manage the pain. I decided to take a warm bath at around 1am and by 2.30am the surges were coming every 3 mins lasting around 60-80 seconds each.

Alex rang the birth centre who told us to come straight in. I’d been steadily losing my waters during the night but just before we left the house I lost some green water. Rang the birth centre again who told us that I needed to go to the maternity assessment unit and would have to deliver on the labour word if they confirmed that baby had passed meconium.

Arrived at the assessment unit, surges were coming every 2 mins and were very intense. I used my waves of relaxation to help breathe through the pain. Midwife felt my tummy and wanted me transferred straight to labour ward as she thought I was close to delivery.

Arrived on the labour ward. Midwife examined me and confirmed that I was fully dilated! Yep all the way to 10cm with ZERO pain relief!! (That part of my birth story makes me extremely proud of myself ????????). She also confirmed that baby was breech and in a very difficult position to be delivered naturally. I’d already begun to get the urge to push at this stage.

What followed was a very panicked 5-10 mins of midwives and doctors flying into the room to prepare me for an emergency section. I was then rushed to theatre and little Amelie was pulled into the world rather swiftly at 4.48am. I ended up losing a litre and a half of blood in theatre so then needed a transfusion after everything else!

We are now home and loving life as a little family. It’s hard, tiring, emotional but the best feeling in the world ????We can’t thank you enough for giving us the tools to deal with such a whirlwind birthing experience. If it wasn’t for the wise hippo hypnobirthing techniques I don’t think I would have remained as calm as I did.

Thank you so much from me, Alex and Amelie xxx’

Lisa & Alex Pierce, 02 July 2017
We booked on the course after I’d read a book on hypnobirthing, and felt it appealed. Due to work commitments we couldn’t make a group session work so took a private class which was great – it meant we could focus in on parts we were more interested in and less worried about asking silly questions in front of others etc!
We found the course really helped my partner feel involved in all aspects of pregnancy and birth, and that it encouraged us to do our research on techniques and drugs used throughout to really work out what we did and didn’t want and put together a plan of what we really wanted.
My birth didn’t go to plan (who’s does?!) but I was still able to steer it more in the direction I wanted it to go rather than down the standard NHS timescales and pathways that were being pushed on me every step of my late pregnancy and labour.
I would highly recommend the course to anyone nervous about labour, looking to get their partners more involved, or looking for an alternative way to birth. Don’t assume it’s all holistic – there’s a heck of a lot of common sense and practical advice in there too!
Gemma, August 2017
Just thought I would let you know I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl called Isabella on 28/8/17 and she was 10 days early.

My waters broke on 27/8/17 however nothing happened then for 24 hours, I had to then be induced to prevent infection so we weren’t able to go to the birthing centre. So I was induced at 10am and she was born at 2:17pm so a very quick labour. I had to have a cut and suction at the very end as her heart rate was dropping to get her out quicker as she was tired from the speed of the birth. But overall a good birth experience I would say.

I just want to say a big thanks from the 3 of us as the hypnobirthing definitely helped us cope with the birth and we felt more prepared going into it.

Emma, 28th August 2017