Taken from The Wise Hippo (Facebook)

Here at The Wise Hippo we talk about ‘The Right Birth on the day!!’
Just wanted to introduce Isaac who was born on 19/9/15. Huge thanks to Rena for giving me the confidence before and during labour and to Dany for preparing us with the amazing mp3s! Although it ended in a c section, the situation was calm throughout and I am so happy that I could use the wise hippo tools for 12 hours to progress without any pain relief. I had no sense of time and apparently I verbally counted down every single surge using the wave of relaxation techniques, I even described my relaxing place in detail to the midwife and my birthing partners so they could know where I was going to It was an amazing experience and we will continue to use the MP3s to help settle our little man.

Thanks again xxx #thewisehippo #toolsforlife #education